Of Perpetual Interest (Litany), 2020

Of Perpetual Interest (Succession), 2020

Of Perpetual Interest (Now Here and Now There), 2020

“In nature there is no sameness anywhere. There are no two rocks alike, no days alike, no moments alike even forever.”

- Agnes Martin, Writings/Schriften


Epiphora visually replicates the linguistic features of poetry and song. Each digitally edited photograph includes details and elements that repeat: such as stones that can be seen on both the left and right of the frame or branches that twist and curl over copies of themselves. These images feature visual rhymes, turning each photograph into a stanza of poetry. The repetitions remind viewers of the contrived and constructed nature of photographic representation; and evoke, on a micro-level, the repetitive patterns in nature that occur on a grand scale that can only be measured in centuries or millennia.

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