Four Cardinal Directions of Thought

Four Cardinal Directions of Thought is composed of four compositions of four photographs each, parts of which are covered by frosted glass. This creates a blurring effect, allowing viewers to catch only partial glimpses of certain images. The use of frosted glass — a material intended for privacy — transforms these pieces into personal and introspective reflections on one’s relationship to place. This series thus employs a suggestive and open-ended narrative format that allows space for mystery and the viewer’s own interpretation.

The compositions in the Four Cardinal Directions of Thought cannot be seen in their totality. From a distance, the photographs appear relatively clearly through the frosted glass. When the viewer approaches the works or attempts to view the images from an angle, however, the blurring effect increases. The viewer must either step back and look at the composition from afar (thereby losing detail) or move in close and look at the works obliquely, causing components of the piece to be inaccessible or blocked. As such, the work conveys the effect of moving through a landscape and explores the inability of photographs to communicate deeply personal or wandering thoughts.

Featured In:
Grounded: Seeking Connections
Group Exhibition

November 9, 2021 - March 14, 2022
Eptek Cultural Centre & this town is small
Summerside, PEI
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